Portland Backgammon November 2016 Events

Choutte at Lucky Labs on Hawthorne, 1:00-5:00 Saturday November 5th

Assuming Martin shows, we’ll have one board playing for $3 to $5 per point, and Rob has stated that he’ll run a board at $0.50 per point. We’ll have at most  5 players per board. Bring a board or at least your own doubling cube. BE PREPARED TO PAY OUT UP TO 30 TIMES THE POINTS/GAME. We’re a friendly group, but not necessarily friendly enough to take an IOU… đŸ™‚ If you have to cash out early, mid-afternoon settlements are always an option.

The following rules to be in effect:

1. Jacoby rule
2. No consulting before the turn, that is, players other than the captain don’t get any input until after the first double/take/drop decision is over. Redoubles, you can talk about why you’d want to or not. EXCEPTION: to speed up play, players are free to share the pip count at any point.
3. No minority hold-outs (if 3 of the 4 (or 2 of the 3) playing drop a double, the last player has to take the drop as well). EXCEPTION: if there are only two players on the team, one person dropping is not a majority – if the captain drops or gets dropped, the #2 moves up to the captain mid-game.

3-point Tournament at Circa 33 on Belmont, 3:30 PM Sunday November 13

Play 3-point matches, double elimination tournament. The stakes are optional – there will be a $5 side pool running.

Crawford rule will be in effect for all matches.

This event will repeat on the second Sunday of each month through the spring.

Not so local, but the Las Vegas Open runs November 16-20. See http://www.nvbg.com/ for details. I happened to be in Vegas last week for a conference, and went to the local Tuesday night tournament – nice group of folks. First match I was in, I had the honor of being killed by Howard Markowitz, who organizes the Open. Turns out he has a lot of Portland connections… as we build the local scene, I hope we’ll see him up here one day and I can have another try at him.