January 21, 2018 Tournament Results

Running this group is a constant emotional rollercoaster, let me tell you. I normally send a reminder email, but I didn’t this month. Then I got sad as I saw our numbers drop from 9 people RSVP’d to 4 as the weekend approached and some people realized there would also be a football game on TV at the same time. Then, as I drove over to Lucky Lab, three last minute RSVP’s hit my phone. Then, a couple of people who hadn’t RSVP’d at all were there waiting. So we had 9 players after all!

You probably know that 9 isn’t a power of 2, and so doesn’t fit easily into a bracket, but we made due with one first round bye and one second round bye. First round, I took down Kevin in a ruthless series of 3 games. Kevin went on to win the consolation bracket, so don’t feel too bad for him. Newcomer Jake drew Martin, and showed himself to be no slacker, taking that match. Bryan faced off with but couldn’t defeat Tim. And Nathan and Lee got their money’s worth out of the match, playing an extended series of back games that meant that the timing of the whole bracket was at risk. Sharon, in the meantime, drew the first round bye, and had to just sit around waiting. But don’t feel too bad for her either, because she went on to win the main flight, taking out Tim in a high spirited match.

I didn’t take any pictures this time, so no positions to analyze – sorry. But the day was a success – we played up until around 5, lots of pick-up games after the tournament, and I was still home in time for dinner. I think everyone took a flier for the Portlandia Backgammon Classic (see http://pdxbg.club/2018-portlandia-open/ for details and registration form!) and there was a lot of excitement about that upcoming event.

Join us at Lucky Lab again next month for another tournament, last one before the big game!