2022 Tour of Patios #1 Results

We had a good turnout for today’s tournaments, 15 players came out for a breezy day of backgammon. 4 of us were there well before the official 2:00 kick-off, and so I had already lost a match before most people showed up… 🙂 David won a backgammon on a 2-cube, for the fastest match win of the day. Ultimately, we ended up with 6.5 4-person brackets, many of us entering more than one bracket as we got knocked out of (or won) our first one… I personally entered three times, getting 4 matches out of the afternoon.

The winners list is: Tim, Carlos, Cameron (our only newcomer for the day), Joel, Paul, and Max. I won the half-tournament (that is, one match), so kind of a silver lining for me.

APEX turns out to have been on our tour of patios a few years ago as well – I got deja vu as I drove up. It’s a good location, and a good beer selection. Parking wasn’t too bad on a Sunday, and Mark A really liked it, as it is walking distance for him. But it is limited in drink options, and I heard quite a bit about finding a place with some more options for next time. Well, the next one will have food options at least, but it is a brewery. Hope to see you then anyway.