May 2019 Backgammon Tournament Results

We had a good turnout for today’s tournament – 10 players, plus a couple of guys who showed up too late to enter the tournament, but who stuck around to play. Lots of new faces, too – Sima & Bijan, recent arrivals from LA, Bodger, recent arrival from NY (I think?), Marty, recent arrival from — uh, I don’t know. Anyway – lots of recent arrivals, including Dirk, who didn’t make it into the tournament.

Sima and Bijan were obvious ringers, tearing up the field, with what Sima claimed was “beginner’s luck”. Both of them went up 2-0 in the time it took me to finish my first match against Tony. I took on Sima for her third match, my second, and we finished in one game with the cube at 8! It was a close one. In the meantime, I had set Bijan and Nate playing, but I had them stop mid-match because at that point, Bijan and I were the only two undefeated after two matches. Nate took his third match against Chris instead, and I got a series of lucky rolls that brought me to my first tournament win since… well, I actually can’t remember the last time I won one of these.

Sima took second place, based on the number of games she won – Bryan, Chris, and Bijan all tied in terms of matches.

Here’s the updated top of the scoresheet for the year.

Player Games Played Games Won
Mark W 12 9
Nate 12 6
Tim 11 2
Ed 10 6
Michael 9 6
Chris 8 6
Bryan 7 5