October 8, 2017 Backgammon Tournament Results

We had a perfect 8 person bracket for today’s tournament. Newcomer Nathan entered the actual tournament, and Kitster came along a bit later to play some side games, which worked out great! And finally, we got to meet Sharon’s father, Anthony, who was in to visit and got dragged into a few games as well. It made for a lively afternoon of play!

In the main bracket, Bryan marched ruthlessly to the first place spot. Second place went to Sharon, who foolishly took a cube from me in our first game but then went on to win over and over again. In the consolation bracket, it came down to me versus Joel, and I was able to hold him off. We wrapped up play by about 4:00, although Bryan and Tim were still playing a one-off match when I left.

Results for everyone are as follows:

Player Initial Elo Rating Matches Played Matches Won Final Elo Rating
Bryan 1523.2 3 3 1573.05
Mark 1524.2 4 3 1546.40
Kevin 1543.0 3 1 1521.33
Joel 1513.6 4 2 1514.54
Sharon 1473.0 3 2 1496.73
Tim 1495.3 3 1 1475.85
Nathan 1500.0 2 0 1471.05
Julie 1452.3 2 0 1425.74