November 13, 2016 Tournament Results

Modest turn-out tonight, just 5 of us again. Rob was the host, and decided a round-robin structure would make more sense – guarantees everyone at least 4 games, top two point takers going to play for the prize. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans… Couple of people ended up needing or wanting to leave before we’d gotten all the way around. As such, we ended up with only 7 games played between the 5 players.

No new players at today’s tournament, and so everyone entered with an established Elo score. Here’s how that changed based on today’s play:

Player Initial Elo Rating Matches Played Matches Won Final Elo Rating
Mark 1578.2 3 3 1608.40
Rob 1487.6 3 2 1501.31
Robert 1486.8 3 2 1501.13
Paul 1488.1 2 0 1460.85
Ken 1446.2 3 0 1415.07

Next month we’ll do the same – that is, a 3-point tournament on the second Sunday of the month. Come on out, and bring a friend – we need to build the community!