July 8, 2018 Tournament Results

In spite of my fairly last minute announcement of the meetup, we had a pretty good turnout – 10 players total! Last time we went to Occidental, I got griped at by management for having so many people show up without advance warning. This time I got off with a “it would have helped if you called ahead”, to which I could honestly say “I did!” Of course, I ignored the request from when I called ahead to email someone else and I can’t find that piece of paper anymore, but anyway.

Any of you old timers remember Charlie, he’s back – he crushed me in the first round 7-0, and went on to take second in the tournament. Jarom is turning into the man to beat – he took first this time after coming in second last month. It was a good mix of some of the regulars and a few faces we haven’t seen in a while, or ever.

Swiss format is still striking me as a great approach – everyone got at least 3 matches and some people got 4, and we were pretty much out of there by 4:30. See you in a few weeks at the next Patio Series!